2015 NBA Eastern Conference Finals I report-Cavaliers 97-89 victory over Eagle Zhan Huang scored 31 points _1

2015 NBA Eastern Conference Finals I report-Cavaliers 97-89 victory over Eagle Zhan Huang scored 31 points
The Cavaliers beat the Eagles 97-89 away, leading the total score 1-0.JR became the hero of the visiting team in this game. He scored 28 points and 6 rebounds in the game and made 8 three-pointers.James contributed 31 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, and the total number of rebounds in the playoffs exceeded Ewing.Carroll, the home team’s general, was seriously injured in the final quarter and might be reimbursed for the season.James led the team away to win the star of the field: JR crazy came off the bench to become the Cavaliers’ most shining player today. He made 8 of 12 three-pointers and broke the Cavaliers history record. The previous record was set by Zhan Huang.Keep it (7 three points).At the same time, his efficiency is quite amazing. He made 10 of 16 shots. As a substitute, he almost blasted his opponent’s entire bench.Game progress: Hawks counterattack unsuccessful extreme individual vs extreme team. In theory, James can only carry the team by himself. After all, there is no Le Fu beside him, and Irving is also injured.The Eagles seized the opportunity after the opening, and after the Teague top shot, the home team led 20-12.  Irving has injuries on both legs, so he can only swim outside, instead the Eagles double control Teague and Schroeder continue to attack.At the end of the first quarter, the home team led 26-20.  In New York, JR is considered a cancer, but in Cavaliers, he finds it.After hitting three three-pointers in a row, the visiting team has chased the difference to 31-33.Chambert steals Teague again in the next city and James makes a layup to tie the score.Then the game entered the same scale, the two sides came and went, and the scores rose alternately. After Teague made two free throws, James immediately succeeded in the raid.At the end of the game, the Cavaliers could have taken the lead into the third quarter. Unexpectedly, Bezmore hit the bottom line with a buzzer and made 51 draws. The two teams continued to share equally.  The Cavaliers suffered a fatal blow and James just sprained his foot just after starting another fight. He rushed out of the field when defending Carol’s three-point shot and stepped on the surface of the audience’s foot.Leave.This sudden situation scared the Cavaliers, but fortunately, there was no big obstacle, and soon re-entered the game.  In the third quarter, the two sides still played difficult points. James Teague made a return after two free throws. The Cavaliers led 65-63 with 2 points.Who will break the deadlock at a critical moment?The answer is JR Crazy, which made two consecutive three-pointers and the visiting team gradually pulled the score away.Bezmore broke the dunk and JR hit the buzzer again, and the Cavaliers led 74-67.  Zhan Huang sat off the field, in theory it was a good chance for the Eagles to chase the points. Unexpectedly, a JR blasted the home team to half death. In two minutes, he hit three consecutive three-pointers, 85-67.Although the Eagles once chased the point difference to 11 points, the Cavaliers immediately showed the ace and James came on stage to stabilize the situation.  The home team leaked in the rain, and Carol suddenly fell to the ground during the fast break. It appeared that his left knee and collateral ligament were injured. Then the eagle called the official report: his left leg was injured and he could not continue the game.Had to leave the team with the help of teammates and staff, Bezmore hit a three-pointer with a hit, 83-91, with 2 minutes and 43 seconds left.  In the end, the Cavaliers attacked consecutive misses, Horford and Bezmore consecutively overlapped, 87-91, 57 games left.2 seconds, Blatter must request a timeout.Game tidbits: Zhuang Huang also created a revolution. James has achieved a pile of accumulation in this game. This is the 169th appearance of his career in the playoffs, tying McHale and Rodman.At the same time, after the game, James’ total rebounds reached 1442 times, surpassing Ewing (1435 times), ranking 21st in history.Both start the first-level eagles: Teague, Korver, Carroll, Millsap, Horford Cavaliers: Irving, Champert, James, Thompson, Mozgov (Yang Willi)

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丁俊晖11年完成神之跨越 如今的他像男人一样在战斗 ­  有句话,叫“十年磨一剑”;还有句话,叫“君子报仇,十年不晚”。今天,这两句俗话都应验在了丁俊晖身上。在13-10战胜罗尼-奥沙利文后,小晖再次实现了自我超越,完美升华。­  丁俊晖与奥沙利文 ­  自2006年北爱尔兰杯决赛以来,丁俊晖已11年没有在排名赛中战胜过奥沙利文了。当年,小晖在首轮艰难逆转保罗-戴维森后,连克4名Top16选手(汉密尔顿、希金斯、达赫迪和斯蒂芬-李)挺进决赛。­  面对当时风头正劲的“火箭”,谁也没想到1-3落后的中国龙竟然绝地反击连下4局,并最终9-6赢得胜利。那是他职业生涯第1次战胜奥沙利文,19岁的年纪让他看起来还是那样的青涩、稚嫩和天真。­  彼时,第3次交手就战胜自己的偶像,让喜欢丁俊晖的人们看到了小晖一飞冲天的希望。不过此后,这位在场外和自己彼此欣赏的巨星却成了中国龙球场上的梦魇。­  犹记得10年前,温布利大师赛决赛,开局完美的丁俊晖被奥沙利文咄咄逼人地表现彻底击溃,而在场观众不文明的举动更是让小晖留下了伤心的泪水。虽有罗尼安慰,但那场惨败还是让20岁的他迷失了自我,陷入长时间的低迷。­  同年,初登克鲁斯堡的丁俊晖在首轮比赛中就被“火箭”毫不留情地打了个2-10。1年后的超级联赛,小晖更是被剃了光头。那是中国“神童”遭遇的一段黑暗时期。­  不过,失败同样会使人成长。随着年龄、阅历和经验的增加,丁俊晖慢慢走出低谷,他开始学会了“忘我”。在比赛中面对奥沙利文时,虽然依旧负多胜少,但丁俊晖的心态明显变得平衡了。­  2012年伦敦大师赛,连扳3局却最终输球的中国龙,并未流露出不开心的状态;而2014威尔士公开赛决赛,被“火箭”以9-3打爆后,那面带微笑的祝贺可以看成是小晖走向成熟的表现。­  那年年末,丁俊晖一举登上世界排名第一的宝座,成为台联有史以来第11位世界第一,同时也是首位登上世界第一的亚洲球员。­  尽管职业生涯对阵奥沙利文的战绩只有可怜的3胜3平12负(排名赛只有11年前那唯一1胜),但月初刚刚过完30岁生日的丁俊晖再不会像以前一样“怵”罗尼了。已步入而立之年的中国龙摆脱了过去打球时举棋不定的纠结,如今,打球节奏更为明快、出手更为果断的丁俊晖让人看到了他出道之初那种意气风发的气势。­  正处在斯诺克黄金年龄的丁俊晖,现在打球兼具实力与观赏性,用徐鑫健的话说,这种情况就差不多是“巅峰状态”,而正处在这个阶段的小晖甚至还有上升空间。­  10年后,第2次在克鲁斯堡相遇的丁俊晖与奥沙利文在比赛中各有发挥。尽管“火箭”也曾在第20局打出单杆146的佳绩,但发挥更稳定的中国龙还是在时隔11年后,第2次在排名赛中击败了自己的偶像。­  表现更完美、心态更成熟的丁俊晖用胜利证明了自己的成长。如今的他已不再是那个输了球会哭鼻子的青涩少年,而立之年洗去铅华,实现了世锦赛的完美复仇。面对塞尔比,他能否再度复仇成功,并最终实现个人斯诺克大满贯呢?一切值得期待。